M412 Cab



4 x 12″ Cab with Fixed-baffle Design

When it comes to quality electric guitar amplification, Joe Morgan knows what he’s doing. And his talents are on full display in his M412 4 x 12″ electric guitar speaker cabinet. Not only does this baltic birch cab pack a quartet of Celestion 25-watt Greenback speakers, but its fixed-baffle design aids the cab in its pristine projection and sonic detail. No matter what amplifier you lean on, plug it into the Morgan Amplification M412 speaker cabinet, and you’ll enjoy punch and growl unlike any other cabinet out there.


Morgan Amps 4 x 12″ Fixed-baffle Guitar Speaker Cabinet Features:

  • 4 x 12″ speaker cabinet is a perfect match for practically any guitar amplifier
  • Rich, vibrant tone and powerful low end from four Celestion Greenback speaker
  • Exceptional strength and low resonance from the dovetailed baltic birch construction
  • Powerful projection thanks to a fixed-baffle design


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