How do I order a Morgan Amplifier?
Morgan Amplifiers are sold direct through this website or through authorized dealers. Please refer to the dealers page to find the Morgan Amplifiers dealer nearest you.
I don't have an authorized Morgan Amplifiers dealer in my area. Can I buy direct from Morgan Amplifiers?
You can buy direct from our site and we are currently working on expanding our dealer network. If there is a shop near you that you think should carry Morgan Amps let us know who they are!
How long does it take to get a Morgan Amp?
This varies. Typically it’s around 6 weeks but can get as long as 9 to 12 weeks, according to how many orders I am currently working on.
Is my amp ready?
If I have not contacted you and told you that your amp is ready then it is not ready. I want you to have your amp as bad as you do. The minute is is ready I will contact you.
Where can I get a cover or a road case for my Morgan Amp?
We do not make covers or cases for our amps, but we do recommend a few manufacturers: Tuki Covers, Studio Slips and Brady Cases.
Can I add power scaling to an amp that doesn't have it?
No, if one of my designs isn’t offered with a power Level Control there is a reason for it. Some designs simply do not work well with that type of circuit. I would rather leave it out than make a product I don’t enjoy playing.
What Brand of tubes do you recommend?
I use JJ preamp tubes in most of my amplifiers. They seem to be the most consistent of the current manufacturers. For EL84s I recommend JJ’s even over NOS tubes. EL84s take a pretty good beating in my amps. I also suggest replacing them every 200 or so hours for best tone and reliability.
Can I use vintage tubes with Morgan Amps?
Yes, however be careful when using tubes sold as Russian Military spec versions. A lot of these are horrible and have a tendency to fail in ways that melt tube sockets.
Do your amplifiers sound good with both single coil and humbucking pickups?
Yes. I strive to make amplifiers that work for real world players. My line of amplifiers work with any type of pickup passive or active.
Do pedals work well with your amps?
Morgan Amplifiers designs are really designed with the modern guitarist in mind. All of my amps must pass the pedalboard test. I understand that most players today have a plethora of pedals they rely on to achieve the tones they are seeking. My amps are all designed to interface seamlessly with your pedal board so that your overdrives feel like an extension of the amp.
Can I get an effects loop?
In short – yes. I offer a passive effects loop as a $100.00 option on any of my amps. Now here is my rant on loops. FX loops are inserted into the amp right at the signals most critical transition between the preamp and the power amp section. When you insert your pedal or rack device into this spot the dynamic range is no longer controlled by the amplifier, it is now limited by the dynamic range of the device you’ve inserted. An example of how this can be bad – say you insert a MXR micro amp into the loop thinking you would use it as a boost. The limited sweep of the micro amps frequency range and limited dynamic range of the pedal will actually DECREASE the output instead of boosting it. Most delay pedals and reverb units will be just fine though.
Do I need to rebias when I change my power tubes?
The MV45, SW22, SW50, SW100 and the MP200 are the only current production models that need bias when you swap tubes. Basic rule is that if you see a nut and a pot between your power tubes it is going to have to be rebiased. None of my AC style amps need rebiasing.
How do I know if a tube goes bad?
Tubes fail all the time. Typically they will exhibit some strange behavior allowing us to trouble shoot them quickly. If you are a guitarist with a tube amp you should understand how to change your tubes and always carry spares to gigs. Preamp tubes fail the least but if you start hearing a ringing sound or squealing chances are you have a bad preamp tube. Tapping on the tops of the preamp tubes with the amp on and plugged into a speaker will usually show you which tube is malfunctioning. its the one that sounds like an explosion when you hit it. Power tubes generally will blow the fuse when they fail. If your amp is blowing fuses pull the power tubes and replace the fuse, if the fuse blows again then replace the rectifier tube, if the amp does not blow a fuse replace the power tubes. Power tubes can also look like a lightning storm is happening inside them when they are about ready to completely fail. You must replace all of the power tubes when one goes bad.
Do you offer 2x12 combos?
Yes, but they are really heavy. 2x12combos add 200.00 plus the cost of the speaker to the price of the amp. EX; AC20 deluxe 2×12 combo would be 2299+200+150= 2649.00.
Which is better head or combo?
A separate head and speaker cab will always be more reliable and versatile. Any time you add speakers and tubes in the same enclosure expect to have more noise and rattles. The sound waves from the speakers are pummeling the tubes. A combo is easier to carry though.
Are any colors an upcharge?
We can really do almost any color you want. The cost of this is 150.00 per cab.
Do you offer artist endorsements?
Morgan Amps does offer discounts for artists who’s primary income comes from playing music professionally and who are willing to partner up with me to help promote Morgan Amps. I am not a huge company and there are no deep pocket investors so I do not give amps to anyone. Please contact me for specifics.
How often should I retube my amp?
I recommend replacing EL84s every 200 or so hours. They take a beating in Class A amps and are slightly more than a couple sets of strings to replace per pair. Preamp tubes can last for years, I would wait for a failure before replacing. All other types of power tubes should be changed out about once a year to maintain best overall tone.
Can I use a 5AR4 instead of a GZ34?
Yes, they are actually the same tube just a different designation for Europe and USA.