TWEED20 Combo



The Morgan Tweed 20 is an amp I originally built for a friend of mine who is a major session player in Nashville. He loved his original 5E3 tweeds but always wished that they pushed a little harder so they could keep up volume wise with his Deluxe Reverbs. I told him not a problem and the Tweed 20 was born!

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The Tweed 20 starts its life directly rooted in the 5E3 circuit. The cathode bias 6V6s giving you that sweet compression and instant touch sensitivity that allows you to go from clean to scream with just the turn of your guitars volume control. Where it differs from the original is the amount of volume and headroom it provides without that farty lowend that can happen with most 5E3 style amps. The amp eats pedals of all variety and is loud enough to be used on any stage.


At the heart of the TWEED20 Combo is a Celestion Greenback speaker speaker that delivers the perfect blend of mid range tones that will cut through any mix. We load this speaker into a void less Baltic birch ply cab that utilizes a fixed baffle to transfer the speaker energy to the entire cabinet. You will be amazed at the amount of bass from this cab


  • Incredibly versatile single channel amp
  • 12-watt 2X 6v6 Power Tubes
  • 1- 12AT7, 1- 12AY7
  • GZ34 tube rectifier
  • 1 x 12″ Celestion Greenback speaker
  •  Tone control
  •  Volume control
  •  Bright switch
  •  Custom made in the USA transformers
  •  Synergy premium capacitors.

Morgan History

Joe Morgan has been building, modifying and repairing amplifiers since 1996. His designs are seen in stadiums and arenas all over the world. It is hard to turn on a music awards show without seeing his products. Joe designs for the working musician, whether that means a Sunday morning church gig or touring the world with James Taylor.

Joe will be the first to tell you that tube amps are not rocket science (Joe was part of the engineering team that developed the first GPS satellites). Tube amps are only as good as their components and Morgan chooses the best of the best. Engineered with custom designed transformers to provide the best possible sonic signature they also provide Morgan with the confidence to offer a limited lifetime warranty.

Handwired in the USA.

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